Rarely do I leave the house without both my cell phone and laptop in tow; Never do I leave the house without one of them. It is an increasingly digital world and this is the same for many others around the globe. While more and more opportunities exist to take classes online, work from online and even consult with a doctor or other professional online, are these conveniences truly accessible for everyone?

The Digital Divide

The answer is a resounding ‘No’. The rapid increase in technology, and even more rapid increase in price, has made equal access to digital services vastly defunct. Add these issues with skyrocketing rates on broadband services and you have yourself what is called the problem of the “Digital Divide”. Recognition was given to the divide in the early 90’s when home computers and broadband internet began to see mass market adoption. Since then, the divide has continued to grow.

The presence of the digital divide is nowhere more noticeable than in the education system. In a recent study on the digital divide conducted by the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Family Online Safety Institute, and myCollegeOptions, 96.5% of students (across all racial/ethnic backgrounds) report they are required to use the internet to complete homework assignments outside of school. Meanwhile, an alarming 49% of students report they have experienced being unable to complete a homework assignment because they didn’t have access to a computer or the internet. J Moss Media aims to combat this disconnect by providing laptops to women in need.

An Application-Based Divide Solution

The subscription-based application, ‘Creately’, offers a content creation platform with visually engaging features and easy-to-use functionality with no design skills required. The application would be accessible in multiple languages and encourage community sharing. The application would be partnered with a fully-accessible website that offers expanded functionalities, including community chat and share boards and professional content recommendations. 80% of the funds generated would be used to purchase and distribute new computers to women in need.

Generating Awareness for ‘Creately’

Partnering the launch of ‘Creately’ in addition to the J Moss Media brand would include traditional media announcements such as a press release and brand website addition. The brand would push ‘Creately’ across all social media plaforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the brand blog. The blog would aim to follow a new female every week that has been impacted by the recent acquisition of her new computer and how it has positively impacted her life. Additionally, we would aim to partner with a social media influencer that mimics our brand values and encourage others use of ‘Creately’.


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