So, What is Nimble?

In today’s business landscape, professionals are overwhelmed by the infinite number
of platforms needed to listen and engage with their audiences. The question is no longer how to stay connected, but how to effectively engage with customers across these multiple communication channels. Nimble is the answer. Nimble has positioned img_0001itself as a leader in relationship management, bringing together all of your contacts, calendar, communications and collaborations into one simple platform. What started as a web-based application has flourished into a mobile-based application as well. Built to meet the needs of everyday business professionals on the go, Nimble provides an easy-to-use platform that integrates directly between your contacts and the most popular social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

The Nimble App Features

The Nimble App’s five navigation settings include an Agenda, Tasks, Contacts, Deals and Settings. The app is structured directly around your contact list, which is easily synced between the application and your mobile phone. Contacts can be sorted easily by Name (First or Last) or Contact Creation Date. Each contact summary includes Tags, Experience, Bio, Influence (including Klout score), Location, Keyword, Websites, Social Media Links, and a Photo. This information is aggregated from your linked social media pages.

The agenda is connected to your mobile calendar and syncs with the task manager. These tasks can also be linked and assigned directly with specific contacts. The task manager allows you to check off and complete tasks as they are finished. Linked tasks will inform everyone in the group of its completion. The deals tab allows you to create deals linked directly to contacts. These specifics include assigning Decision Makers, img_0005-2reporting Needs, Quotes, Value Proposition, and Negotiations. Individuals deals can be assigned to specific contacts and specific deal stage, expected close, probability and deal descriptions.

Why Communications Professionals Use Nimble

Nimble is a user-friendly application that allows communications professionals to easily aggregate contact data into one simple platform. Professionals can easily track specific contacts directly on their social pages, create dialog, and engage with contacts without sifting through a hoard of social information. Instead of jumping from application to application, professionals finally have a way to find individuals relevant to the business in a single location, engage with those individuals in a multitude of ways, and build relationships that lead to opportunity. Additionally, Nimble allows all communications team members to connect directly, sharing tasks and follow up information.

Creating the Perfect PR App

If you could have the ultimate app for PR, blogging or content creation what would it be like? What sort of functionality would make your work easier?

In sifting through the tons of applications available trying to find the perfect ones for productivity, content creation, social media scheduling, blogging, and even website management, I decided what features would be the most helpful for me. Therefore, I have created my “Wish App”, the perfect tool for PR professionals. The core of the app features calendar integration for iOS, Android, and Google Calendar, aggregating tasks directly into a visually appealing task manager that offers reminders and pep-messages to encourage task completion. “Wish App” connects directly with all social platforms, allows you to create custom platform managers that include capabilities for more obscure and niche social platforms like Reddit or Twitch and allows you to post directly from the app. “Wish App” also includes a detailed analytics platform that allows you to create custom data charts and makes detailed profile suggestions. These suggestions include peak posting times for various platforms, link and headline suggestions, and trending topics. “Wish App” connects directly to your mobile, web, social and email contacts and aggregates the data automatically from your connected platforms. Overall, “Wish App” is your one-stop-app as a communications professional, allowing you to create, share, post, and analyze without ever leaving the app.

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