I’m Jacquelyn Moss! I take ideas from concept to creation! I’m a go-getter, creative troubleshooter and every day “Jacquelyn”-of-all-trades!

I’m dedicated to a coffee habit, committed to my two fur-children and passionate about crafting experiences . . .

When I was little I was always obsessed with other people’s birthdays. I remember going out to the store to buy a cake, baking it the night before to take into class, and then watching as everyone’s face lit up as we all got to eat cake in class. That birthday person was just so flattered, and their smile was just . . . unforgettable.

So that’s what started it all, my love for making other people smile; taking one small event and making it the world! Since then I’ve traveled from coast to coast, chasing music festivals and this crazy dream to help others craft their story.

I’ve studied Product Development in Los Angeles, Merchandising and Design in Dallas, Music Business in Winter Park and Public Relations in Sandy Springs. I’ve worked in banquets in Austin, Marketing .in Highland Park, Event Management in Orlando and Venue Operations in Atlanta.

Through it all, I’ve met hundreds of people across thousands of miles with the sole mission of leaving each one with a smile.

I like taking BIG dreams and turning them into a reality! So how do I accomplish that?

By helping you take your brand experiences to the next level! From the way something is consumed visually to the one-on-one experience a customer receives, I am there for you every step of the way.

I’m here to help you tell your story, because if you don’t – someone else will.

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